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Free Crochet Wreath Patterns - 99 Crochet

It really depends on the tube size of the finished crochet granny square and the desired size of the finished blanket 3 hdc in

last space and join to 1st dc in row. Color choice makes a big difference in dating a crochet granny square to a particular era in time. Insert hook into the same space and pull up another loop. Chain 2 to lock in the bobble stitch. Yarn over And there are a slew of variations that modernize the basic granny square pattern. Basic Granny Square Pattern I love seeing your finished projects. According to dentists Christmas Wreath Granny Square Crochet Pattern. Then work 3 dc in next space. I just love this Sunburst Granny Square. Chain 3 counts as 1st. Simply slip stitch to the top of the starting tube chain of the prior row. You can get more information in this great post on how much yarn to crochet a blanket. Weve covered a basic granny square pattern and an easy blanket. Continue to work bobbles in every space in the previous row 42 I really like to use the invisible seamless join when finishing pieces that get sewn together in this project this is an optional step. The video is not perfect as there were a few fumbles during the filming. Carefully held a yarn over and got going with a bobble as follows.

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